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It gives pleasure to announce that Sea & Sky Travel (I) Pvt Ltd. has completed more then three successful decades in the travel trade. 

Established in the year 1974 as a small adventure travel agency, it has grown into a major adventure and leisure tour operator with infrastructure for complete travel services having full operational office Srinagar (J&K)

The company owns a fleet of tourist transport and is fully equipped to cater to every type of adventure tourism including Trekking, Mountaineering, White water Rafting, Sailing, Camel, Horse and Wildlife Safaris.

The company is backed by a network of offices and local representatives across the country with a team of professionals having considerable experience in the tourist trade. Also the founder members/directors have two decades of experience in the travel trade and have led a number of treks, tours and expeditions throughout the country.

As 60% of our activities are in mountaineous and desertic terrains where means of transport is limited to horses, mules and camels; the regular inflow of tourist to these terrains provide employment to people of these areas; thereby contributing to local economy. Utmost care is taken to conserve forests and ecology.



Bashir Sheikh

Bashir Sheikh After graduating from the University of Kashmir with a degree in Commerce, Bashir started his career in travel as a Trek Leader in Kashmir and Ladakh, in the Indian Himalayas. Following 5 years as a Leader he then founded Sea and Sky Travel, with a partner in 1978. In 1995 Bashir became Managing Director of Sea and Sky and has since continued to develop a successful range of tours which are now marketed internationally. For the last three decades Sea and Sky has been responsible for providing ground services and Tour Leaders for Explore in the UK, Terre D’Aventure, and Explorator in France, and Globotrek in Switzerland; a breadth of experience that has encouraged him to now bring his tours direct to the market.


Nadeem Sheikh

Nadeem Sheikh Nadeem obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree at Kashmir University before following his father Bashir into the family business in 1995. After a spell as a Tour Leader he is now responsible for Marketing and also heads up the Operations Department.

Directors of course always claim every tour is their favourite tour. But we put the rest of the team on the spot. So here they are, with their own particular favourite tours:

Sheikh Kaisar Bashir

Sheikh Kaisar joined his father Bashir and got into the family business in April 2012 after completing his studies.
He of course claims every tour is his favourite tour but he has a race car driver hidden inside him. Kaisar likes to race cars regularly on the circuits and also in any of the events that are happening in the city.
He had a thing for racing since he was a little kid and cheering people to drive fast while he used to sit on passenger seat has always been his thing, says Bashir his father.
He is now heading the operations and all the possible tour managements.

Hamza Mohd - Operations Manager:

Hamza Hamza is originally from Kargil in Ladakh, and joined the company as far back as 1986. He is now in charge of day to day operations for all tours. Hamza also leads some of our special interest Groups. “My favourite area of India? It has to be Rajasthan and in particular the ‘Palaces of Rajasthan’ tour. Its the character of the Palaces that intrigues me and my clients love the hospitality the owners offer.”


Om Prakash

Prakash joined the company in 1992. An experienced travel professional he is in charge of the tour development department. Expected to choose a favourite trip, therefore, from amongst our newer tours Prakesh came up with “Actually our ‘Rajasthan Desert Safari’ is a favourite. A classic adventure trip it’s stood the test of time and it has everything; people, colour, dramatic landscapes and iconic architecture. It’s a challenge to come up with new tours to rival it.”


Dilip Koul

Dilip Dilip joined the company in 1987, starting in the administration department. He is now in charge of the transport and ticketing department. Where would he head for if we let him out of the office? “That’s easy; Sikkim and Bhutan are so different to life here in Delhi that I would love to join our ‘Journey to the Himalayan Kingdoms.’ Every time I ticket the internal flights for this tour I want to join the tour myself!”


Tarseem Singh

Tarseem Singh, hails from Himachal Pradesh and joined the company back in 1996, His expertise is behind our sailing tours and, as Manager for this department he is stationed at Mirzapur, near Varanasi, on the bank of the River Ganges. Not surprisingly, therefore, his most enjoyable tour is one which takes to the water: “Well if I have to pick one it has to be our ‘From the Desert to the Ganges’ tour. I enjoy drifting down the River Ganges, and also watching my clients’ excitement as our voyage ends with our arrival amongst the sounds and sights of Varanasi is something special.”


Tsering Dorjey

Dorjey Tsering is an experienced trekker and hails from Ladakh, where he learnt his craft before joining us in 2005. He is now the Manager of the trekking division of the company. His favourite tour? “Well it has to be our ‘Kashmir Ladakh Adventure’ as it introduces our clients to my homeland and the Buddhist lifestyle there, but also offers time in the mountains on a trek which is within the capabilities of any reasonably fit client, so they see my mountains too.”


Nisha Behl

Nisha Behl Youngest in the team from wholly city of Kurkshetra , Nisha is a very efficient coordinator for the directors. Graduated from Delhi University, she has a 1 year course of Secretarial Practice to her credit. She is also assisting other departments in the office such as reservations and operations. Her favorite destination is "Anything which takes me in the mountains, so I love to join Hill Stations & Tigers"


Meenakshi Yadav

Meenakshi Yadav A charming personality from Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) had her basic education in Delhi and graduated from Delhi University in Commerce Stream joined company in 2012. She is the part of the accounts department of the company . Her favorite trip is Ganges to Goa.


Nisha Mirza

Nisha Nisha graduated with an IT degree before joining the company in 2005. As our technical expert she heads up the IT department. But if we let her out of the office? “I would love to join our ‘Journey to Little Tibet’ tour. The stories that our guys from Ladakh tell me, about the high mountain passes and the Gompas and the similarity of Ladakh to Tibet in so many ways make me want to see it for myself.”




Our tour leaders are one of the strengths of Sea & Sky Travel. They are all local Indian tour leaders; we only use tour leaders who are born and raised, and live permanently, in India, believing that local leaders offer a closer insight into their own country. Many of them have been running small group tours with Sea and Sky for many years and their experience is invaluable in making sure things happen as they should and that your tour runs smoothly. Meet some of them:


Mohammed Rafeeq

Mohammed Rafeeq A BA Graduate, Mohammed started his career in travel in 1995, with a particular interest in wildlife tours. He has been leading tours now since 2003. “My favourite trip, if I have to pick just one, is our ‘Tiger Safari and Temples’ tour; although my favourite part of India has to be Rajasthan.”


Ateeq Mohammed

Ateeq Mohammed After graduating with a BA, Ateeq started his travel career in 1998, and has been leading tours for us now since 2006. Another ‘tiger fan’, Ateeq says “My favourite trip has to be our ‘Tigers and Taj Mahal’ tour; only a week in India so a full-on tiger experience.”


Indira Wadhwa

Indira Wadhwa Indira obtained a Degree in Tourism before starting a career in travel in 1994. Indira has been leading tours now since 2000. Her favourite trip? “I like leading the ‘In the Footsteps of the Mughals’ tour; its such a comprehensive introduction to the iconic reminders of the days of the Great Mughals, yet my clients need only one week off work to join me.”


Abskiekh Choradia

Abhishek Choradia After qualifying in Hospitality Management, Absheikh started a travel career in 2004, leading tours all over India. Favourite trips? “I enjoy the idea of our ‘Madras to Goa’ and ‘Ganges to Goa’ trips. They are both budget trips, where my clients get to choose whether they explore on their own or let me organise optional excursions for them.”


Pradeep Jain

Pradeep jain Pradeep obtained a BSc and is a qualified guide and naturalist and speaks German. He has been in tourism since 1998, and a Tour Leader since 2000. He loves children and has an easy way with them, so not surprisingly “My favourite trip is our ‘Families following the Mughals’ tour; just seeing the reactions of young children when they see the Taj for the first time makes it all worthwhile for me.”


Hari Singh

Hari Singh A Graduate who started in travel in 2000, Hari has been a Tour Leader since 2003. Over the last few years he has enjoyed introducing clients to traditional life in rural villages, so not surprisingly “I am looking forward to leading the new ‘Remote Village Adventure’ tours; for me the village is the heart of India.”


Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar Anil holds an MA and is a qualified guide as well as a Tour Leader. He has been in tourism since 2002, and a Tour Leader since 2004. Most rewarding tour? “The railways of India hold something of a fascination for me, so it has to be our ‘Bengal to the Punjab by Rail’ tour; we cover much of northern India, from east to west, but apart from the places we visit along the way, the train, and life on board, becomes part of the experience."


Atul Godha

Atul Godha A Bachelor of Commerce, Atul also holds an MSc in Eco-tourism and has worked since 2005 as a Tour Leader. He has a clear idea as to his favourite trip: “Our ‘Overland from Delhi to Nepal’ tour is such an interesting journey; the contrast between the plains of India and the mountains of Nepal is always fascinating.”


Lukose Thomas

Lukose Thomas Lukose holds a BSc and is a qualified Guide as well as a Tour Leader. Lukose has been in tourism since 1988 and has been a Tour Leader since 2004. One area of India holds a particular attraction: “Our ‘Across South India’ tour has it all for me. The lushness of the south of India and the amazing temples we visit along the way makes the trip so rich in scenery and culture, and there’s that feeling of crossing the sub-continent.”


Eugine Geevarghese

Eugine Munnar Holding a BA in Economics, Eugine came into tour leading in 1998. Over the years he has led many different tours but one in particular stands out for him: “South India is more exciting for me as a Tour Leader as it’s less well-known than the north so it’s so full of surprises for my clients. Our ‘Discovering Kerala’ tour is well-named, as every day holds a surprise as my clients discover a lush land that they in many cases knew little about.”


Koshy M John

Koshy John A Master in Tourism as well as holding a Diploma in Journalism, Koshy has been both a Guide and a Tour Manager since 1997, before leading tours since 2006. Is there a favourite trip? “I enjoy leading a tour with some physical activities and challenges, so for me I guess it would be the ‘Kerala Cycle Trek’; it’s a great combination of activity and chilling out, with cycling on some days and just enjoying the slow pace of life along the backwaters on other days.”


Goverdhan Singh

Govardan Sing Holding an MA in Geography, Goverdhan has worked in tourism since 1997 as a Guide, Naturalist and Tour Leader. With those interests Goverdhan has eyes on one of our newer trips: “I have enjoyed leading many tours which offer the opportunity to see tiger. So the new ‘Hill Stations and Tigers’ tour could well become my favourite. It offers the chance of seeing tiger, but also has a completely different element, in visiting some of our iconic hill stations.”


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